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Wax on Wednesdays Fusing Tips Using pan Pastels , New Workshops , and HOLIDAY SALE !

Happy Wax on Wednesdays !
Today I am announcing the opening of registration for my 16th online workshop

"Encausticology Wax and Symbolism, A Study of Encaustic Sculpture"
I am so excited to be able to bring you this workshop . A NEW  And Exciting Encaustic Journey ! Taking encaustic off the panel and diving in hands on to explore its expansive 3Dimensional  possibilities . Expect the unexpected as we submerse ourselves into using encaustic in 3D forms .  As we examine a wide variety of  different materials and substrates for use in encaustic sculpture we will also reflect on how we are  drawn to certain basic symbols and the meanings and emotions conjured by them.  

This workshop is the result of my years of exploring multiple substrates and their uses with wax in various forms. 

Be prepared for an exciting adventure of using a wide variety of materials for use as substrates and armatures as well as casting the wax itself into fascinating forms with multiple uses .  

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