Sep 28, 2016

Wax on Wednesdays Grunge and Rust ! And a live workshop

Continuing with the final installation of "Embedded texture journey" this week . I feel like the last 2 weeks have evolved into more assemblages than simply texture but , it's all still good fun in encaustic !

Essex Studios Fall Art Walk!

If you are in/ or planning to come to the Cincinnati area , "Essex Studios" is having their Fall open studio gallery art walk next week October 7-8 from 6-10pm . There are over 100 different artists at Essex, and  My studio will be open for visitors ! I will be showing  many new pieces of my latest  encaustic series . 
If you are planning to attend stop by studio #246 for a visit ! 

How about a live workshop ? 
 Encaustic workshop October 29 in Dayton Ohio ! 
Registration opens next week . I will post a link for it  here as soon as registration opens : ) 

Supplies I used this week :
Masonite board
White encaustic medium
Graphite powder 
Sennelier soft pastels 
Paper towel roll
Heat gun

If you would like to see the video diectly on the YouTube channel 

Blessings, and happy creating!

Sep 21, 2016

Wax on Wednesdays Texture Turned Assemblage With Pan Pastels

Continuing on the texture journey this week , I came across these little guys and just couldn't resist. As a result this weeks "Wax on Wednesdays" pieces are more 3D encaustic assemblages than textures , but what fun !
They are paper Ketchup cups from fast food/self serve type restaurants !
The fact that they are paper, absorb the wax , and light weight , make them perfect embedding material for encaustic. 

The fun part was shading the pieces  with the Pan Pastels. 

Last week I took a field trip from the studio over to Ms. Reagan's high school.  
I was a guest artist for 3 days and had the honor of introducing the ancient art of encaustic to the Honors Art3/ AP art class.  Amazing experience , Amazing students, Amazing art was created ! 

This is just some of the work that was created as some of the students were not quite done with their projects just yet. 
22 in all and each and every piece was completely and wonderfully unique. I can't say enough about these amazing young artists . 

 Yes ! We did shellac burn cautiously :)

What a wonderful experience this was , to see where everyone would go with their pieces , and their new encaustic knowledge . Each piece as unique and fabulous as the artist that created it.  I can also see how much all of the students are inspired daily by this wonderful lady, Thank you Ms. Burris ! 

If you would like to view the video directly on the youtube channel click 
Supplies used this week:
masonite boards
encaustic medium( white)
Pan Pastels
heat gun
paper ketchup cups
vintage ephemera

Blessings , and have a wonderful creative week !

Sep 14, 2016

Wax on Wednesdays Fabulous Fun Textures ! Week 2

Continuing on with week 2 of Fabulous Fun Textures !
I am always on the lookout  for things around the house and studio to recycle for some great texture in encaustic . 
This weeks texture is from popsicle sticks ! 
I have cut off the rounded tips just because I wanted a straight edge.  

Supplies I used this week:
white encaustic medium
Pan Pastels
Oil paint sticks black and yellow
popsicle sticks
clay tools
heat gun /torch
cradled birch panel 

If you would like to view the video directly on the Youtube channel click

Creating some colors in the studio for this weeks 2 day workshop at the local high school. 
I will be introducing encaustic painting  to the  Art Honors 3, and AP Art students. OMG I can't wait to see what they create !

studio assistant works for greek yogurt !

Hope you have a wonderful week !